Spira specializes in drafting, executing and producing heritage revitalization projects that operates 4 business areas in the sector of Cultural heritage (Cultural and Landscaping Touring, Heritage Training, Heritage Communication and Consultancy). In its 10th year in action in 2017, Spira is responsible for some of the most relevant projects in cultural heritage in Portugal in the past years, such as the “Rota do Fresco” and “Compadres” projects, the communication platform “patrimonio.pt”, the “Feira do Heritage” now currently  “AR&PA ‐ Bienal  Ibérica do Património Cultural”,  the  “Festival  APROXIMA-TE!”, and many consultancy jobs for public and privates bodies in this sector. Out of these jobs we’d like to highlight the coordination of the application of Évora for Europeal Capital of Culture 2027. Spira also holds over 20 trademarks in the area of cultural heritage, with a special stress in “heritage” – owned by the company. Spira is also in the process of being certified with Portuguese Standard Norma Portuguesa 4457 – Management of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).

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